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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

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27/09/2022 admin
Carpets used in the office are usually felt carpet, the durability is very long from 5 to 10 years depending on the case and the flow of activity of different places. Density from 3 - 5 M2 per person is used for 5 years, 5 M2 or more can be used for 10 years. However, to long-lasting carpet depends on our way of preservation, if it is not properly preserved, the carpet can be damaged or torn in 1 or 2 years. The following An Hung company would like to introduce the best way to preserve office carpet, this method also applies to industrial hygiene companies to service customers:
1. Vacuum carpet daily & periodic:
  • For public areas such as: The door (within 10 M2 from the door) must be vacuumed daily.
  • Generic path: Vacuuming weekly.
  • Nooks and crannies (less traveled or unmanned areas) Vacuuming every month or quarterly (3 months). In cases where it is not period but the carpet is smelly, musty, or poured organic substances down (Food, soup, drinks...) Washing of those places must be carried out. The carpet is stained, the stains on the carpet for unknown reasons => Local processing should be done immediately, to avoid the stain for a long time to infiltrate the fabric (chemical interaction) then can not handle all the stains.
2. Wash the carpet: Usually a period of 06 months or 12 months will be carried out carpet cleaning once. Depending on the location and the way of carpet maintenance as in (1), carpet washing is done differently (06 months or 12 months). Hereafter, An Hung will introduce the standard carpet washing process:
  • Vacuuming before washing: If the carpet is very dusty, or rubbish on face (staples, hair, toothpicks, clips, scrap paper ...)
  • Carpet washing: There are 02 ways
+ Washing with a brush: Mix the carpet rinsing agent with water at a ratio of 1: 40, then pour into the washer and carry out the washing. In the process of washing, the launderer must flush evenly with water.
+ Washing with Pad: Wash the carpet with a 3M Red Pad. Mix the chemicals into 8 liter spray bottle (Binh Minh plastic) at the rate of 1:32 then spray evenly on the surface of the carpet and carry out washing.
Note: Carpet cleaning chemicals used by the following manufacturers: NCL ( USA ), GoodMaid ( Malaysia ), EcoLab ( USA ), JonSon Deversey ( USA ), Green Cross ( Philipine ).
  • Absorbing water on the carpet after washing: Use a fish tail mat to suck. Each location attracts 2 to 3 times. The more thoroughly absorbing, the faster the dry. If the office has air conditioner (Temperature from 18 - 24 0c), within 3 hours the carpet will dry completely.
  • Dry up carpet by ring blower: If the office does not have air conditioner using ring blower to dry up carpet, 300 M2 carpet using a ring blower within 06 hours will be completely dry, if more air conditioners need only one hour the carpet will dry. Basing on the above norm, the ring blower is arranged reasonably. However, if there is a long period of rest for the carpet (12 hours or more), there is no need to arrange a large number of ring blower because the water in the carpet will evaporate in the air itself.
  • Spot treatment: Check and handle spots that can not be cleaned by washing.
  • Handle chewing-gum on the carpet
  • Clean up before leaving: Waste, sewage ... poured at the right place
An Hung Sanitary Company owns the most modern carpet washing process, this article is just a brief description of how to clean office carpets, detailed documentation will be sent to customers in public tenders. Thank you & Wish you a successful business day!
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