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27/09/2022 admin
An Hung Sanitary Company is a contractor specializing in providing factory cleaning services. With the prestige and best quality of service today, we have launched many service packages for factories from inside to outside, and from top to bottom. Service packages include: General cleaning of the factory just built; Providing daily housekeeping staff in office and production areas; Cleaning the glass door periodically; Rub the floor periodically; Scan the web annually ... and other workshop-related services.

The machinery, chemicals, equipment used by An Hung company to clean the factory include: scrubber, vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, scaffolding, forklift, aluminum ladder, floor cleaning chemicals, glass cleaning chemicals, toilets cleaning chemicals, multi-purpose chemicals, buckets, towels, brooms, kiosks, spider web sweepers, scrubbers ... and other equipment.

Manpower for construction to provide factory cleaning services include: Service Manager = As the person who works with customers from the first time, deals - quotes - plans the construction with customers; Building supervision = Is the person who directs all employees to provide services to customers, is the representative of the company who works directly with customers at the project, who is responsible for the quality of hygiene. factories for customers; Sanitary staff = A person who directly works for the sanitation work under the direction of the supervisor, who directly cleans customers for the factory.

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