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20/09/2022 admin

Industrial hygiene is a broad category. It is referred to as the term "real estate maintenance". In addition to cleaning, industrial hygiene also overcome the errors left by the construction or interior construction industry such as: Restoring Marble floor, Granite floor; Polished concrete floors; polishing stone grinding stairs; General cleaning of newly constructed works; Cleaning glued glass surface; Dealing with stains, stains sticking on the floor, walls, and other interior objects ... Why was the industrial hygiene industry born? It was born to solve the shortcomings left by other professions, it was born to serve the needs of life to be more advanced.

The demand for industrial cleaning services is diverse, from individual households to agencies organizing enterprises, serving production and business ... The most typical of industrial hygiene is to provide clean by providing daily cleaning staff for schools, hospitals, factories, commercial centers, company offices ... The main daily tasks of sanitation workers include: Sweeping garbage & collect garbage in the right place, clean floors, clean glass doors, wipe desks and chairs, clean toilets & deodorize, vacuum carpets.
If only daily cleaning work does not solve the problem of cleaning and cleaning needs in high-rise buildings, factories, hotels, restaurants, tourist areas, and fun. play entertainment. To ensure 365 days of cleanliness, the industrial cleaning industry offers another service, which is "Periodic Sanitation". Routine cleaning solves complex problems such as: Swinging glass wiping overhead, swiping glass ropes outside buildings; Swing outside to clean Alu; Swinging paint-line roller outside high-rise buildings; Scanning the spider web of workshops overhead; Cleaning the pipes; Handling glass windows with fish scales that have not been cleaned for a long time; Restoring and polishing floors due to long-term use of floors stained, blurred, scratched; Repaint the corrugated iron roof or clean the corrugated iron roof; Waterproofing, anti-leak.

Other fields related to industrial hygiene: Caring for trees, looking after bonsai, pruning branches; Cut off, reclaimed; Killing harmful insects; Clean up the air-condition; Repairing electricity and water at home; Service of water paint roller, oil paint roller; The service of hanging Banner ads on the air ... Industrial hygiene is a special profession, it not only stops at the issue of cleaning but it also extends to other areas with the purpose of serving the needs of life. better, improve service quality in other industries and these industries will be imported into industrial hygiene.
Industrial hygiene, also known as "Real estate maintenance service" The contractor has finished building the house, all the rest of the industrial hygiene industry can guarantee it all. However, the industrial hygiene industry is still dominated by another industry, which is "Real Estate Management Services". In the following article, we will discuss real estate management in more detail.

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Ho Chi Minh City, May 31, 2020
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For any stone floor we can polish as new. Stone flooring, stone stairs, stone tables, stone benches, and stone walls all have different construction solutions. The stones you need to restore, polish, and periodically maintain: Marble, granite, hone stone,... and other types of floor also need the solution as above: Glass tiles, concrete floor, Vinyl floor, terra cotta tile...
We would like to introduce standard stone floor polish process:
  1. Determine the floor: Worst floor: Unstable stone, low and high => Grind iron or diamond disk with the smallest (50) to smooth the plane => to bring the evenly surface. Bad line: Big, small, or irregularly glued joints => Remake joint and caulk the right glue for each stone, color (Cutting joint, AB or Tinas sealant.
  2. Grinding stone to remove scratches and smooth the stone. The order of grinding with the disks is as follows: 100 (200) - 300 (400) - 500 (600) - 800 - 1,000. You can use different types of disks but it is best to use Apolo or Dongsing disks. Note: The polisher weighs 60 kg to 90 kg. Motor from 1.5 horsepower to 3 horsepower.
  3. Polishing: There are two methods of polishing marble (wet or dry), while granite or other stones are dry.
  4. Clean up the surface
Periodic maintenance: Every month only need to polish the floor with chemicals, it will maintain the gloss regularly.
Basically you can apply the above procedure to all types of floors, except concrete floors, timber floors, and plastic floors.
The problem of glueing or covering the floor: Clean floor (no paints, cement, stains ...) dry floor with ring blower, then coating chemicals on the surface and use a hand-held or high-speed polishing machine to claw back the floor (increased gloss). There are two chemical coatings: Water base or oil base. Depending on the floor and position can be flexibly used.
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