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Stone Floor Polishing

Stone Floor Polishing

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22/07/2018 admin
For any stone floor we can polish as new. Stone flooring, stone stairs, stone tables, stone benches, and stone walls all have different construction solutions. The stones you need to restore, polish, and periodically maintain: Marble, granite, hone stone,... and other types of floor also need the solution as above: Glass tiles, concrete floor, Vinyl floor, terra cotta tile...
We would like to introduce standard stone floor polish process:
  1. Determine the floor: Worst floor: Unstable stone, low and high => Grind iron or diamond disk with the smallest (50) to smooth the plane => to bring the evenly surface. Bad line: Big, small, or irregularly glued joints => Remake joint and caulk the right glue for each stone, color (Cutting joint, AB or Tinas sealant.
  2. Grinding stone to remove scratches and smooth the stone. The order of grinding with the disks is as follows: 100 (200) - 300 (400) - 500 (600) - 800 - 1,000. You can use different types of disks but it is best to use Apolo or Dongsing disks. Note: The polisher weighs 60 kg to 90 kg. Motor from 1.5 horsepower to 3 horsepower.
  3. Polishing: There are two methods of polishing marble (wet or dry), while granite or other stones are dry.
  4. Clean up the surface
Periodic maintenance: Every month only need to polish the floor with chemicals, it will maintain the gloss regularly.
Basically you can apply the above procedure to all types of floors, except concrete floors, timber floors, and plastic floors.
The problem of glueing or covering the floor: Clean floor (no paints, cement, stains ...) dry floor with ring blower, then coating chemicals on the surface and use a hand-held or high-speed polishing machine to claw back the floor (increased gloss). There are two chemical coatings: Water base or oil base. Depending on the floor and position can be flexibly used.
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