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Services Cleaning Glass

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Glass Cleaning Services Recurring for all projects

There are many types of services such as hygiene routine: Glass cleaning, carpet cleaning cleaning chairs, polished floors, total sanitation, clearing cobwebs, rolling paint ... but service periodically wiping the glass in the building home, building a typical clear for routine hygiene.We would like to introduce periodic Lens cleaning services & professional way for this type.
Service our glass cleaner ensures clean and shiny for any type of glass, even with toughened glass. Customers place their trust in us, we will solve in the best way: clean the stain glass, shiny, even speed of deployment can meet the urgent needs of our customers.

Clean the glass can be divided into 02 parts:

- Clean the glass after construction works: The process of implementation as follows:
+ Clean clean stains on glass surfaces and glass frame: Paint, silicone, traces of glue, cement, oil paints, stains
+ Conduct wipe the glass with special chemicals: Use glass cleaner chemicals in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States ...
- Clean the glass works were in operation: Process Execution:
+ Clean the dirt of glass and glass frame
+ Clean the glass by special chemicals
In addition, in the glass cleaner can be divided into two different types of construction works on the high glass cleaner (outer side), works under low glass cleaner (facing in).
- Clean the glass above: Requires full power mode, such as full, so protection, professional staff ... to avoid unfortunate incidents beyond the control of the parties involved.
- Clean the glass under low: The work on the glass cleaner simpler but requires high speed glass hygiene must faster.

Criteria for selecting a professional glass cleaner worker:

- Good understanding of vocational professional glass cleaner
- Having worked in the industry at least 02 years
- Love your job
- Responsible for the work
- Sociable, fun with customers

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