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Workshops will generate dust and spider webs on the walls, ceilings, pillars, rafters, etc., which can cause explosion. Therefore, we need to have a regular plan of spider web and dust sweeping to keep the work environment clean, increase labor productivity, and prevent electrical shock, fire, explosion and loss for the business.
For dust-less workshops such as: Printing workshops, mechanical workshops, pharmacies, foodstuffs, plastic workshops ... on average 3 years must perform a total dust and spider webs once. For frequent dust generating workshops: Garment factories, cigarettes, textiles, wood ... done once a year to ensure the health and safety of property.
An Hung Company introduces the best standard spider web sweeping for all workshops in Vietnam:
  • Machinery and equipment: Lifting ladder (12-14 meters high); Scraffold; long rolls, brooms, laces, patang, vacuum cleaners.
  • Canvas, warning signs
  • Bucket, towel, broom
  • Sanitary chemicals
  • Manpower: People are trained professionally, who have done similar works, have enough strength and certificates of working on high.
  • Insurance: An Hung Company has all the insurance procedures for construction such as: Public liability insurance, property insurance, third party insurance (customer of client), occupational accident insurance.
  • Employees are fully equipped with occupational safety: Reflective jackets, helmets, safety shoes, safety netting when working on high.
In the course of construction, An Hung shall arrange a professional supervision team to supervise the quality of hygiene, labor safety supervision, asset management, fire and explosion prevention and fighting.
With a strong work force and professional experience in many workshops, An Hung has conquered most of the difficult workshops in Vietnam: The workshop construction is completed, the workshop is in operation and the workshop is renovated => ... Clean ...beauty.
Prestigious & Quality Service in Vietnam!

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