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ABOUT WASHING SERVICES embroidery office swivel chair IN HCMC
Through years of research on seat room service we were drawn into a general seat cleaning process and process specialized processing office swivel chairs. Washing office chair to reach the most perfect quality, companies Hung given the extensive process and handle the details as follows:
1. Preparation of professional chairs laundress and skilled workers, has over the years apprenticeship in Hung.
2. Machines imported from advanced countries such as the USA, Germany, Italy, Thailand ... we always check the stability of the machinery monthly to ensure no incidents while working.
3. Chemicals used seat cleaning genuine Malaysian goodmaid Pro or NCL (USA), are combined into a special mixture with domestic chemical firms such as Unilever, Asian American Family ...
4. The tool comes as: Probe chair pad, towel ... imported from Vietnam brand quality.
5. The process of cleaning the chair of An Hung:
- Select a dry location, does not affect the people around and cleaning conducted there.
- Vacuum clean the dust on the surface and inside the seat
- Treat stains on the seat, handle odor
- Conduct a seat cleaning according to standard procedures of An Hung, chemical and phase correct rate depending on the level of the seat dirty rate different phases.
- Vacuum clean the dirty water inside and on the seat, handle odor
- Check the stain (if available)
- Spray water onto the seat with deodorizing chemicals - rose fragrance for seats.
- Vacuum clean standing water in and out of the seat
- Blow dry the seat and inside with fan or scallops (industrial blower because we bring), or sun.
Note: After the cleaning is finished customers up to 4 to 6 hours and brought into use, avoiding both washing done using instant would be the stains on the seats => Then there will have to wash a In addition, time-consuming, cost.

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